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Behind The Scenes: Whip Hand “How To Be A Redhead” Shoot

The Whip Hand Cosmetics Team headed to The M@dison Building in Downtown Detroit (selected as one of the “The World’s Coolest Offices” by INC Magazine) to shoot our “super-secret” campaign for “How To Be A Redhead.”

While we can’t disclose just yet why we were doing the shoot and what it’s for, you’ll find out soon enough.

The campaign features the fabulous Detroit model Kelly Kirstein shot by Detroit fashion photographer Laur Nash. Photographer Andrew Fang was kind enough to join us all day to shoot the critical video footage that will accompany the still photography in the campaign.

Check out the behind the scenes photos from the shoot and stay-tuned for more details in February about what we’re up to.  We’re really excited about this one. Could 2013 be the Year of the Redhead at Whip Hand?

The Backstage Beauty Report: Dolores Cortes S/S ’14 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week


Bright floral prints, studs, cornrows, chains in the hair and feline-inspired smokey eyes gave Spanish designer Dolores Cortes’ 2014 Swim Collection a punked out vibe that managed to be edgy, tough and feminine all at the same time.

JUNGLE PUNK: Dolores Cortes 2014 Runway Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim


To create Cortes’ feline-esque makeup look for 2014 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim, Victor Amos, Whip Hand Cosmetics Lead Makeup Artist on the Dolores Cortes Runway Show, employed a new twist on the smokey eye and nude lip combination.

Cats In The Jungle: Dolores Cortes 2014 Runway at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim

Lead Makeup Artists Notes: How To Create The Look

From Victor Amos:

The makeup direction for the Dolores Cortes runway show was all about punk!

When Dolores and I came up with the look, we imagined a girl who was hip, trendy, sexy, and modern. We decided on doing a very heavy, feline-shaped black eye with contoured cheeks and nude lips.

Makeup Artist Victor Amos Backstage with Model at The Dolores Cortes 2014 Runway Show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim


We started by prepping the skin with Ctrl+Alt+Delete Makeup Remover to clean the skin. Many of the models came in with makeup from previous shows, so it was important to remove the makeup without dehydrating the skin, which is why I used this amazing cleanser.

We then used the Give Good Face Rosewater  Tonic and Skin Toner to refresh and moisturize the skin.

We finished off the skin prep by applying a thin layer of Set The Stage Makeup Primer all over the face, so that the foundation would apply smoothly, and survive the humidity, sweat, and bright lights.

To achieve a flawless finish on the runway, Makeup Artist Victor Amos and the Whip Hand Cosmetics Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Team used CTRL+ALT+DELETE Makeup Remover and SET THE STAGE Makeup Primer


I really wanted flawless skin for this look.

We are used to the traditional punk look being porcelain and pale skin, but I wanted to evolve the look so that it felt more “Miami-ish.”

Model Backstage at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim Dolores Cortes Runway Show

We accomplished this by using a lightweight, water-based liquid foundation all over the skin to even the complexion, and used concealer only where needed.

We finished off the skin with a light dusting of translucent powder to lock the foundation into place.


To help bring shape and warmth to the face, we heavily contoured the cheeks with Cheek Flash Loose Blush in “Launch.

I almost wanted the cheeks to look sunburnt, like a character from ‘Mad-Max” of Thunderdome.

After contouring the cheeks, we used what was left on the brush and dusted it onto the temples, around the hairline, and around the jawline for structure.


This was the focus of the look.

I wanted the eyes to look narrow and sultry… very much like a cheetah’s eyes.

To get the eye pitch-black, I patted-on “Axe Handle” Crème Eyeshadow until the coverage was opaque, and the shape of the eye was exaggerated into a wing.

I then used my finger to lightly blend the edges of the shadow out so that it didn’t look too harsh. I set the cream with a matte black eyeshadow for longevity.

Next, we used the “Axe Handle” Crème Eyeshadow on the water-line of the eye to further darken it, and to give the eye its feline allure.

I finished-off the eye by dampening a fluffy brush and applying “Glow” Pure Pigment Loose Eyeshadow, wet, to the tear duct.

Using the loose pigment eyeshadow wet intensified the color and gave it an almost metallic quality. This was to give the eye a pop of light so that the look would not come across too dark and Goth.

Whip Hand Cosmetics Lead Makeup Artist Victor Amos applies eyeshadow backstage to model Fernanda Uesler.

Makeup Artist Tadahiro Iwasaki does a model's eyes backstage at the Dolores Cortes 2014 Runway Show for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim

Team Whip Hand Cosmetics Makeup Artist  Jennifer Cruz backstage at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim for the Dolores Cortes Runway Show

Makeup Artist Jennifer Cruz

Team Whip Hand Cosmetics Makeup Artist Aziza Walker putting the finishing touches on her models eyes backstage at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim

Victor Amos finishes up the smokey, feline-esque eye look backstage at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim

Model Backstage at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim in Miami for Dolores Cortes 2014 Runway Show - Makeup by Whip Hand Cosmetics

Finished eye look on the runway at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim - Dolores Cortes 2014 Runway Show. Makeup by Whip Hand Cosmetics.

Model Fernanda Uesler on the Runway at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week-Swim for Dolores Cortes.


The mouth was very simple. I used the Lip Hit Long-Wear Lip Veneer in “Hooked” and dabbed it onto the lips with my finger.

Again, I wanted the look to be carefree, so I skipped lip liner or the use of a lip brush.

The Lip Hit Lip Veneers are completely opaque glosses, so covering the natural color of the model’s lips was a breeze.

Close-up of the Lip Look for Dolores' Cortes 2014 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim Runway Show. Makeup Artist Victor Amos used Whip Hand Cosmetics' Lip Hit Lip Veneer in "Hooked" to achieve the simple, carefree nude lip look for the show.

The Lip Look for Dolores Cortes' Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim Show was Nude and Carefree


This was the really exciting part!

Whip Hand debuted a brand new, yet-unreleased body illuminator for Fashion Week Swim called Runway Legs. This was a prototype that the Makeup Team was able to test drive under real runway conditions in Miami.

The verdict: This dry oil is amazing. It gives the body a healthy golden glow, while leaving behind a light, but refreshing coconut scent without an oily residue.

We rubbed this on the model’s legs, arms, stomach, and chest to give them a just-off-the-beach shine and to bring out definition. It’s not bronzer, but rather a sheer Illuminator, so it’s season-less and doesn’t stain. I can see this being a product that you could use all year round whenever you are showing some shoulders, legs or bare skin.

Team Whip Hand Cosmetics Makeup Artist Tadahiro Iwasaka applies a coating of Whip Hand Cosmetics "Runway Legs" Body Illuminator to a model backstage at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim

Makeup Artist Victor Amos and the Whip Hand Cosmetics Makeup Team achieved the subtle glow and shimmer on the model's bodies by coating them in Whip Hand Cosmetics' "Runway Legs" Body Illuminator.



  • Whip Hand Cosmetics CTRL+ALT+DELETE Makeup Remover
  • Whip Hand Cosmetics SET THE STAGE Makeup Primer
  • Whip Hand Cosmetics CHEEK FLASH Loose Blush in “LAUNCH”
  • Whip Hand Cosmetics Creme Eyeshadow in “AXE HANDLE”
  • Whip Hand Cosmetics Pure Pigment Loose Eyeshadow in “GLOW”
  • Whip Hand Cosmetics LIP HIT Long-Wear Lip Veneers in “HOOKED”
  • Whip Hand Cosmetics RUNWAY LEGS Body Illuminator (Release Date: Fall 2013)

Whip Hand Cosmetics Products Used at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2014: CTRL+ALT+DELETE Makeup Remover, Give Good Face Rosewater Toner, Set The Stage Makeup Primer, Pure Pigment Loose Eyeshadow in "Glow", Lip Hit Lip Veneer in "Hooked", Cheek Flash Loose Blush in "Launch"


Whip Hand Cosmetics Lip Hit Lip Veneers Backstage at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim. For the Dolores Cortes Runway Show we used "Hook"



Chains, cornrows and lots of hairspray helped NYC-based hair stylist Sonia Castleberry achieve the big, punked-out hair at Dolores Cortes' Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Runway Show

NYC-based hairstylist Sonia Castleberry and her team created the wild, punked-out manes for Dolores Cortes’ 2014 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim Runway Show by combining big, exaggerated hair with intricate side braiding and the incorporation of jewelry into the models’ tresses.

Lead Hairstylist Notes: How To
Create The Look

From Sonia Castleberry:

Dolores Cortes wanted to bring a mix of jungle love and Rock ‘n Roll to Miami at this year’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Swim Week.

Since her designs featured bright tropical patterns and heavy metal accents we decided to construct an edgy, hard core punk look for the hair. We were definitely inspired by looks and trends of this year’s MET Gala.

My team and I used a selection of Oribe Haircare products and BaByliss Pro tools to achieve the braided, teased and embellished style. The edgy, punk look is trending this season.

Here’s how we created the look and how you can get the look at home!

1. After rough-drying the hair with the BaByliss Pro Hairdryer, create a side part from the center of the eyebrow straight down to the nape. Section off the side with the part.

2. Apply Oribe’s Rock Hard Gel to the sectioned portion and create a few small cornrow-style braids. (For the show, I wanted to show a variety of braid styles so each model had a different, unique and creative braid.)

3. Spray Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray throughout the rest of the hair, concentrating on the roots, to create ultimate texture and volume. Back-comb the hair at the root for even more lift. For Dolore’s runway show, my goal was to make sure the hair was exaggerated.

4. Finish with a generous amount of Oribe’s Superfine Strong Hair Spray for lasting hold.

5. If desired, embellish the look with jewelry, using the braids as an anchor to pin in chains. At Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim, I incorporated gold spike chains into the hair to give a complete punk finish to the look.

Backstage at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim - Hairstylist preps the models for their punked-out tresses.


Team Whip Hand Cosmetics Makeup Artist Patrick Simondac Backstage at Dolores Cortes 2014 Runway Show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim in Miami

Cornrows, Chains, Studs and Big, Punked-Out Hair Set  The Trend at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim. Dolores Cortes S/S 2014 Runway Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim


  • BaBylissPro Nano Tools Hairdryer
  • Oribe Rock Hard Gel
  • Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray
  • Oribe Superfine Strong Hair Spray



Manicurist Sashanie Gray added the final touches to Dolores’’ “Heavy Metal” look by giving it a lux twist by applying gold foil nails to the models’ fingers and toes.

Gold Foil Nails rounded off the Gilded, Punked Out Look of Dolores Cortes' 2014 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Runway Show


Products Used:

Nail Polish: m2m damoreJon/Minx


Accessories: Gold Studded Metal Bracelet | Dolores Cortes 2014 Swimwear Collection Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim


Mercedes Benz Fashion Accessories: Gold Leaf Cut Bracelet from The Dolores Cortes 2014 Swimwear Collection Runway Show

















Dolores Cortes S/S 2014 Runway Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim

Dolores Cortes S/S 2014 Runway Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim

Dolores Cortes S/S 2014 Runway Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim






Dolores Cortes S/S 2014 Runway Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim


Dolores Cortes S/S 2014 Runway Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim























Makeup Made in Detroit With Attitude: Whip Hand Cosmetics Makeup Team Shirts Waiting Backstage at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2014

Makeup Made In Detroit With Attitude: Swimwear Designer Dolores Cortes and the Dolores Cortes Team Backstage at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2014

Special Thanks for the Fabulous Photography to:  Joe Polimeni Photography

Article Name
The Backstage Beauty Report: Dolores Cortes S/S ’14 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
Whip Hand Cosmetics
See S/S 2014 Fashion, Hair and Makeup Trends from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim. The Whip Hand Cosmetics MBFW Backstage Beauty Report, featuring Dolores Cortes.

Whip Hand Cosmetics To Be Official Makeup Sponsor for Dolores Cortes Runway Show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim in Miami

Dolores Cortes Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim Miami 2012 Runway

New York-based celebrity makeup artist Victor Amos will lead the Whip Hand Cosmetics Team as Lead makeup artist.

Spanish designer Dolores Cortes is ranked among the world’s top luxury, high-fashion swimwear designers and is known for her meticulous attention to fit and detail, as well as her fun and vivacious color palettes. Cortes is continuing a family business started over 50 years ago when her mother began designing handcrafted swimsuits in Spain. The younger Cortes took over the family business in the Eighties and catapulted the brand to international acclaim by designing swimwear with an eye towards high-fashion and design, as well as swimming practicality.

“The fit between Whip Hand Cosmetics and Dolores Cortes was instantly apparent and perfect,” says Riese Lauriat, Whip Hand Cosmetics Founder and Chief Creative Officer. “We’re both family owned businesses, we both create hand-crafted products, and we both love color.  It’s not very often that you have that kind of natural alignment between a makeup company and a designer. We’re obsessed with color at Whip Hand Cosmetics, so any time we can work with a designer who shares that passion, you just want to be part of it. Having Victor Amos lead the Whip Hand Cosmetics Makeup Team in Miami is equally exciting. There’s no one we’d rather have in South Beach than Victor.”

Dolores Cortes Logo


Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim Miami Logo

“Makeup has become such an essential piece of runway shows today, so having the right cosmetics sponsor, product and makeup design talent in-place backstage is critical to conveying the complete vision of the collection,” says Dolores Cortes. “What was attractive to us about Whip Hand Cosmetics was their focus on producing extremely high-quality, hand-made products in Detroit that have earned them street credibility with pro makeup artists, in a very short period of time. They offer a serious product for serious artists. And the colors are just amazing.”


Dolores Cortes will debut her 2014 Swim Collection on Friday, July 18th at 8:00 PM during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim at The Raleigh – CABAÑA GRANDE in Miami’s South Beach. For scheduling information, visit:

About Whip Hand Cosmetics

Founded by professional makeup artist Riese Lauriat, Whip Hand Cosmetics pioneered the “Fast Cosmetics” movement, which focuses on developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative, trend-setting cosmetics and skincare products more quickly than traditional beauty brands. Whip Hand Cosmetics manufactures its color cosmetics and skin care products locally in Detroit, and markets them globally to professionals and makeup lovers through their online boutique. The brand has rapidly developed a cult following among professional makeup artists and was named one of WWD and BEAUTY INC’s “Six Emerging Indy Cosmetics Brands to Watch.”  For more information, visit

About Dolores Cortes
The creations of Dolores Cortes are distributed in over a thousand multi brand stores both nationally and internationally, in various Dolores Cortes brandEstablished in 1951, Dolores Cortes was one of the first Spanish designers dedicated to the swimwear industry. Today, the brand is continuously growing and the designs have become critically acclaimed and created a loyal following of customers all over the world.

stores and hundreds of department stores dispersed throughout the world. Constantly trying to expand their offerings, Dolores Cortes is present in more than 20 countries worldwide including Mexico, Russia, the USA, France and Italy.  For more information, visit

About Victor Amos
Makeup artist Victor Amos is one of New York City’s most talented and accomplished up-and-coming freelance makeup artists and manicurists, with an impressive client list that includes a who’s-who of New York fashion-insiders, celebrities, and professionals.  Victor’s work has graced the pages of Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam, Essence Magazine, Fitness Magazine, GQ Magazine, the runways of New York and Miami, and a host of other outlets. His client list includes global brands, such as Covergirl, Alexander McQueen, and Donna Karan, as well as celebrities, such as Lalah Hathaway, El Debarge, and Jenifer Lewis. When he isn’t on set making his clients beautiful, he can be found in the window seat of an airplane, glued to a computer screen, or spending away his life’s earnings at Barney’s. For more information, visit:

Video: Fotoula Lambros Design Autumn/Winter 2012 Fashion Collection | In The Studio With Whip Hand Cosmetics

Our Whip Hand Cosmetics makeup artists rocked it out for fashion designer Fotoula Lambros in this video from Mindfield USA for FLD’s Autumn/Winter 2012 Fashion Collection.

Makeup: Riese Lauriat and Natalie Nahass Henry for Whip Hand Cosmetics.  Models: Desiree Sutton and Nia Scott. Hair by Laura Rose. Accessories: Lorne Lubin Custom Leather Accessories and Fashion and Urban Pheasant Glass (Detroit.) Shot and Edited by Dan Mannes. Produced by Mindfield USA and filmed on-location at the historic Grand Army of the Republic  Building in Downtown Detroit.

You can follow the restoration of the Grand Army of the Republic Building on Mindfield’s Posterous page.